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A revolutionary medical philosophy

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BIOHEALTH Holistic Dentistry stands for dentistry that considers the human organism in a ‘bio-logical’ way. No region of our body is as heavily saturated with heavy metals, alloys, toxic materials, infections and inflammations as the mouth and jaw areas.


Up to 60% of chronic illnesses are connected to interference fields in the oral cavity.Thanks to our biological concept of treatment, the immune system improves significantly, simply by removing metals and treating the sources of inflammation in the mouth and jaw areas. Patients have an improved chance of recovery by relieving and strengthening the immune system and by eliminating other harmful factors.


Our therapeutic approach aims to completely eliminate all stressors as quickly as possible and to restore each system to its proper working order. It is clear that profound healing is only possible through the application of a comprehensive, interactive therapy concept that fully considers all biological, medical and dental aspects.

About Us

We believe that behind every smile there is ,first of all, a person . That is why, at Biohealth Holistic Dentistry clinic we have designed a practice which focuses its attention completely to You.Since our  priority is our patients, careful consideration is given to providing a high level of comfort with particular emphasis on putting you at your ease and making sure you are fully informed at every stage of your treatment. We take much pride in offering a relaxed atmosphere where you can experience complete Harmony and Wellbeing .Our philosophy lies in our understanding that dental care forms an intrinsic part of healthcare and we strive to make sure every one of our patients experiences a smooth journey to improved health with the least effort . We are experienced, highly qualified and skilled specialists with a strong work ethic who really care. Continuously striving for Excellence, we constantly update our professional as well as personal training. Our Passion for Biological Dentistry  and desire to fully satisfy the needs of our Patients are the two most important elements needed to realise ourselves as health practitioners, as human beings. 

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45 Lavender Hill    SW11 5QW    London    Tel.  020 7223 5114 

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