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Zirconia Implants

We are very proud to offer the best Zirconia Implants in the world, "Swiss Dental Solutions Implants", manufactured in Switzerland under the highest quality requirements and placed only by highly qualified dentists.

Thanks to this implant system, we can cover 100% of dental situations and patients' requests, achieving the best results in terms of health, aesthetics, and timing.


Find out the advantages of ceramic dental implants over titanium implants and why zirconia implants are the first choice for everyone, in this video.

Is Zirconia radioactive?

Every physical thing is radioactive! The human body radiates 6000 Bq of radioactivity. 1g of zirconium dioxide radiates about 0.4 Bq.
A crown weighs approx. 1 gr.
Traditional metal-ceramic crowns may radiate up to 2 Bq/gr, 5 times more than zirconia.


Front missing tooth replaced with zirconia implant and crown

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