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What Patients say about us


Solveig  Bianca

After years and years of struggling with my teeth and with less and less of them in my mouth and more and more health issues appearing, I realised, that I could not go on like this, starting to fear I could become severely ill or worse. I had no less than 14 root canals and endless molar extractions, which made me feeling extremely tired and often dizzy but also agitated and sleep deprived and full of allergies and many many other health issues, seemingly not related to teeth. I finally took the plunge and started my own search for a top quality HOLISTIC Implant clinic and decided that Dr Marinaci was the man I would trust most. So far I had two procedures, and I was amazed how well and quickly I recovered from them. My irritated bladder issues have greatly subsided and I can relax, knowing I will not need the loo every 30 minutes. My left shoulder, which has been super tight and painful for many years, has greatly improved, almost over night after the Cavitation surgery and I now hope, that the lower Cavitation surgery (also on the left) will resolve the issue completely. My longstanding and truly unhealthy food cravings have seemingly vanished too. I generally feel more calm and balanced and also can fall asleep faster. Even my formerly heavy and clogged up feeling ears are much better too and also they are now not so sensitive to cold winds and even my balance , when standing on one leg has greatly improved! Also I do not feel so starved for air/ oxygen all the time. And last but not least my endless headaches have vanished , again seemingly over night and I feel no need to rush for yet another ice pack to put on my forehead. Even my emotional wellbeing has improved greatly, since I feel more in control of my life and not constantly taken over by random and dark emotions.

Thank you, Dr Marinaci, for being there for me! and hopefully you will be able to help many more of us.


Ela Karczewska

"I’ve had seven amalgam fillings replaced by Dr Paola Aguilar. It is quite a laborious

procedure, which requires skill and expertise, which not many conventional dentists seem to have. I was apprehensive at first, but after the consultation, I immediately felt I was in good hands. Dr Paola has a genuine holistic approach; she is very patient-focused, takes time to truly listen and inform about options, especially with regard to the follow-up detox programme. Her dentistry skills are superior to any dentist I’ve been to so far. I was impressed how patient and meticulous she was. I’ve had full trust and confidence in her skills and advice throughout the treatment. The overall experience of the clinic was very positive, too. The supporting dental team as well as the reception staff were all very personable and welcoming. It was a great choice. Highly recommended !"


Alison Fraser

"I would like to thank you again for all your work, I was very ill before the surgery.

 I now have a new lease of life, I can sleep through the night again, thyroid, digestive and hormonal problems are almost all resolved and chronic fatigue has disappeared. It’s now a pleasure to be out working in the garden all day and I can finally exercise again".


Beatriz  Lamerton

'' I have had nothing but a positive experience during my treatment for a zirconia implant. I felt Dr Giuseppe was very thourogh , professional and had a great attention to details. The whole treatment was a breeze. I felt in very capable hands. I would highly recommend Biohealth Holistic Dentistry to all my friends and family '' 


Cristiana Sanna

'' I find Doctor Marinaci and Dr Aguilar very professional, they are also caring and patient, they surely do their best to make their patients comfortable and happy. I highly recommend them, in fact I did and a client of mine had some amalgam fillings safely removed by them and I had a zirconia implant myself. I trust them and I know that what they suggest is in the best interest of the patient. They are the best dentists I’ve been in a very long time ''


Maria  Pellicci

"I was well looked after throughout my dental implant treatment. I am thrilled with results : the aesthetics, comfort when eating and talking , no problems at all. I am very pleased altogether with the outcome , very happy"


Joseph Robinson

"I had an accident when I fell off my bike and broke my front tooth,which was root canaled.I discussed any possible options and we agreed a zirconia implant was the best,healfiest and long term solution.Dr Giuseppe and his team were excellent throughout.He took time to explain everything and was very thorough throughout every appointment and operation. My root canaled tooth was removed and replaced with a zirconia implant and a temporary crown the same day.Nobody else in the country was able to offer me this kind of solution.

Very highly recommended".

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