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PRF Membranes

PRF stands for Platelet-Rich-Fibrin.

This is a plasma component, extracted from the patient's blood, very rich in growth factors, fibrin, white cells, matrix proteins and stem cells.

Platelets are not only coagulation stimulators, but also contain the largest amount of growth factors, which ensure that tissues regenerate after an injury or an operation. We use PRF membranes to promote wound and bone healing and tissue regeneration. In addition, the function of leukocytes (white cells) supports the immune response.

Overall, the wound healing period is shortened by the concentrated action of growth factors, and the risk of complications is significantly reduced. This highly effective and side-effect-free therapy is completely natural and does not require any additives to active the growth factors as other techniques do.Well over 200 publications have confirmed the effectiveness and biological safety of this procedure.

PRF membranes can be used after any extractions, to prevent dry sockets and cavitations, and for any oral surgeries for a better result and to speed the healing process up.

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